Where can I buy Scotty Brand items?

Visit our Where to buy page.

Can I buy Scotty Brand food online?

You can buy Scotty Brand food from the supermarkets’ own web sites in many cases.  However, we’re sorry, but at the moment, you cannot buy from this web site.

How can I get in touch with you?

Visit our Contact us page.

How is Scotty Brand part of Albert Bartlett?

Albert Bartlett himself started out with Scotty Brand back in 1948 and the brand has grown to become one of the proudest chapters of Bartlett’s legacy. The Albert Bartlett family is so passionate about the brand that there is now a dedicated Scotty Brand team in place to build the range and champion our Scotty Brand values.

What’s so different about Scotty Brand produce?

We’re different because all our food is produced and packed in Scotland — that means top-quality, carefully produced and with far fewer food miles. We’re also committed to providing you with what is in season. Potatoes and carrots conserve naturally almost all year around; strawberries and raspberries do not – so, you won’t find our delicious Scotty Brand strawberries on the supermarket shelves at Christmas — sorry! For more information on what makes every Scotty Brand item special, see what our producers have to say.

What type of dog is on the label?

Scotty is a proud Scottish Terrier (of course!). Albert Bartlett first adopted Scotty as his trademark in 1948.

Why a dog?

Because he is friendly, healthy, loyal, has a long pedigree and has a nose for the best quality. He’s also very Scottish and we think he’s cute. (Though we’d never tell him.)

Are Scotty Brand products good for me?

All of our fresh fruit and vegetables have excellent health benefits.  View information on our produce here.

Can Scotty Brand packaging be recycled?

Much of our packaging can be easily recycled.  We’re working on the rest.  Find out more here.

Is Scotty Brand produce organic?

We strive to work with nature, only providing produce in the applicable seasons, minimising use of chemicals and trying to encourage wildlife on the farms, but our range is not organic.  Many of our farmers work to encourage bees and some, such as Kettle Produce are members of organisations such as Linking the Environment and Farming (LEAF).  Philip Benzie powers his farm with his own wind turbine and 70% of the water used to wash potatoes is collected from the roof of Albert Bartlett’s Airdrie operation.

If you have any other questions, contact us, find us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.