Scotty Brand

Farmer digging in field

Scotty Brand is Scottish produce at its best — a celebration of the best in-season food and drink.

Scotty values:

  • Produced & Packed in Scotland
  • Good value
  • Tasty
  • Carefully produced
  • Environmentally aware

Produced & packed in Scotland

For our unprepared produce (potatoes, carrots, soft fruit etc.), Scotland’s rich, healthy soil and colder temperatures keep pests and diseases at bay, while our famously high rainfall offers natural irrigation — making Scotland a prime place for growing. We make the most of these natural assets to farm the finest produce, delivered fresh to you.  All of our products are produced and packed in Scotland with the utmost care.

Good value for money

Our mission is to deliver honest and wholesome food that you and your family will love. Top-quality, no-fuss food that doesn’t cost the Earth — that’s what we believe good value is all about.


Only when food is good enough does it get the Scotty Brand seal of approval. And we’re working with our partners to increase our delicious range — why not get in touch and plant a few seeds of ideas for what Scotty Brand produce you’d love to see in your local supermarket?

Carefully produced

For our unprepared produce, all our growers adhere to Farm Assured standards as a minimum and demonstrate best practice in nature–friendly production systems. Our mission has always been to produce tasty, healthier food grown in a way that enhances the natural habitat and doesn’t fritter away resources unnecessarily.

Our growers are all proud custodians of the land they farm. You’ll find the grower’s name of your produce on the pack, and you can get to know them a bit better by checking their profiles.

All of our food is produced with exacting care to ensure Scotty Brand brings you the best tasting food every time.

Environmentally aware

We believe in demonstrating good practice through efficient farming and production methods that protect the environment and by using minimal packaging.

Our potato supplier, Albert Bartlett employs modern energy and building management systems to limit carbon footprint and tightly control electricity, gas and water usage. A wind turbine is currently being installed, which when active will provide enough renewable energy to meet all of the farm’s needs. And 70% of the water used in the potato washing process is rainwater collected from the roof.

Our carrot supplier, Philip Benzie, already powers his operation via a specially constructed wind turbine. Our strawberry and raspberry farm has also been awarded Carbon Trust Standard certification and is involved with ‘Operation Bumblebee’, aimed at making the area a more suitable habitat for bees.

Scotty Brand — good, honest wholesome food, produced with traditional values and today’s innovations.