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Britain’s biggest potato lover travels 1,000 miles for our Ayrshire New Potatoes!

Wednesday, August 15th, 2018

Jamie McCoo, [69], from Deal in Kent is arguably Britain’s biggest potato lover making a 1,000-mile round trip across the country each June to stock up on his favourite pick of the crop Ayrshire new potatoes.

Hailed as some of Scotland’s finest produce, the seasonal Ayrshire new potatoes are famed for their melt in the mouth texture, fresh earthy sweet flavour and are regarded as best in the world with Scotty Brand known for only selecting the cream of the crop.

Which is why the retired electrician makes the mammoth trip each year back to his native Scotland for a whopping four stones (25kg) worth of Scotty Ayrshires, to share with his fellow ex-pat pals south of the border.

My mother always told me that the first dig resulted in the best batch and Ayrshire potatoes are some of the finest new potatoes grown in the UK, explains Jamie. Grown in sandy soil warmed by the Gulf Stream they are delicious and unbeatable. Sadly, they are only available for sale in Scotland.

Ayrshire potatoes come into season in June, so I’ve been making the special trip for the last couple of years to stock up for summer. Scotty’s new potatoes are in my opinion the best out there, so it’s been great to meet the farmer Drew Young who allowed me literally to dig my own batch. It’s safe to say my salad potatoes are always the best!

Richard Allison, general manager of Scotty Brand who sell Mr McCoo’s favourite Ayrshires added: We receive many requests from customers desperately searching for the best Scottish seasonal produce, but Jamie McCoo’s correspondence really stood out. Having emailed our customer service team to check for stockists of his favourite Ayrshires in the south east, he was disappointed to discover they weren’t available south of the border but made it clear that he was prepared to make a special visit.

We invited Mr McCoo to select his crop personally from Scotty’s Girvan-based farmer, Drew Young and he’s promised to share his four stone of potatoes with his Scottish friends in Kent. What tremendous dedication and a great way for Scotty to celebrate the start of the season.

Scotty Brand launched this season’s Ayrshire new potatoes on 9 June, returning to supermarket shelves in Scotland for 2018.  The oval, creamy fleshed new potatoes are grown in Girvan, packed locally and delivered to supermarkets in as little as 24 hours from lifting to bring Scotland’s families the ultimate freshest taste of summer. They are available to purchase in 750g bags in selected Asda, Tesco, Lidl, Aldi, Iceland, Spar, Co-op and Waitrose stores throughout Scotland.