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Scotty Brand’s New Sausage Rolls!

Thursday, October 22nd, 2015

We are delighted to announce the latest products to join the range . . . our trio of tasty sausage rolls!  These snacks are perfect for anyone who is constantly on the go as they can be eaten anywhere!  All 3 boast a blend of traditional Scottish ingredients infused with subtle spices, which makes our sausage rolls truly unique.  Produced by the Sword family in Cumbernauld, the 3 new varieties include tasty Scottish pork sausage-meat, Scottish pork enriched with a hint of black pudding and a haggis spiced Scottish pork sausage roll all wrapped in delicious golden flaky pastry.  These ready to eat sausage rolls are a great snack on the go or heated through to have at tea time with our favourite accompaniment – baked beans!