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Bruce Farms

Bruce Farms

The Bruce family has been farming since 1898.

Father and son Bill and Geoff Bruce say it’s Scotland’s wonderfully temperate climate of soft rain, cool nights and warm summers that contributes to the deliciously unique taste and quality of their strawberries and raspberries. It’s this weather, combined with the light, free-draining and fertile soil that makes their tasty, fresh strawberries and raspberries keep better for longer.

Scotty Brand asked the Bruces to grow strawberries and raspberries to a calibre that stood out from the norm. The family explored all types of strawberries, looking back through various delicious types that had been long forgotten as well as exciting new varieties. They decided upon four special varieties – Premier, Sonata, Majesty and Malling Centenary – which they now grow seasonally from June until the end of September. Then there are Tulameen, Glen Dee and Glen Ample, appetising raspberry varieties that its team starts to harvest in the first week of July through to the end of August.

Bruce Farms is always looking to improve and build on environmentally responsible production methods, whether it’s trialling new varieties or looking at modern conservation methods for the fruit plants. Today, for example, the Bruces are conscientiously cutting back on the use of insecticides on their crops – using biochemicals and introducing natural predators instead. The farm also houses honeybees each year on specially planted areas, to aid pollination naturally and subsequently to improve fruit quality. And to help guarantee that the waste from the fields and packing hall is disposed of in an environmentally sensitive manner, they have installed a recycling policy too.

The Bruces are passionate about what they do, and they realise that to keep British farming alive, younger generations need to be interested and educated about the farming world. Consequently, Bill and Geoff work with the Royal Highland Education Trust (RHET) to spread the word about the secrets of the countryside – so there will be plenty of cleverly harvested strawberries for years to come.

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