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Douglas Brunton

Douglas Brunton

From our farms in Angus and Easter Ross we have been supplying Albert Bartlett for over 25 years. We grow a range of potatoes from salads through to main crop, for Scotty Brand.  We rent fields at Fearn in Easter Ross, from which we supply Isle of Jura and Maris Peer varieties, which are sold as Scotty Brand Highland Baby potatoes.

Potatoes are a large part of our business, but we also grow a range of cereals including wheat and barley which are used for distilling, animal feed and malting.

We actively manage environmentally sensitive areas, maintaining and enhancing the surrounding wildlife habitats. These support a breeding population of the endangered corn bunting and we often see owls, peregrine falcons and the odd kingfisher. The building of irrigation ponds has also increased sightings of otters and migratory birds.

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