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Kettle Produce – soup mixes & lettuce

Scotty Brand lettuce and soup mixes are provided by Kettle Produce, which was established by two Fife farming families in 1985.  The company is based in the small village of Balmalcolm and works with a variety of farmers across Scotland to grow vegetable and salad crops. Its farmers have generations of experience and cultivate some of the best arable land in the country.  We have our winter range of soup mixes in season from September to April / May and our lettuce available from June to August / early September.  Dates may vary by a couple of weeks either way, depending on the harvest each year.

Kettle is a committed member of LEAF (Linking The Environment and Farming) and practises sustainable farming in accordance with LEAF principles.  For example, Corn Buntings are native British birds on the RSPB’s red list and they benefit from the conservation work of Kettle’s growers. The farmers sow out cereals alongside the vegetable crops to feed the birds during the cold, winter months and likewise they help bumble bees by sowing out flowers alongside their vegetable and lettuce crops.

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