Meet our family

Euan, Peter C and Peter AA Grewar

The Grewars

The Grewar family has been farming in Perthshire for over 100 years. That’s four generations — not counting young Peter Grewar’s children! Peter senior’s first crop of potatoes was planted in 1973 across a humble 14 hectares.

Each year, Scotty Brand Kestrel potatoes flourish in the fertile soil types provided by the Vale of Strathmore. The Grewars always harvest quality potatoes with a nice clean–skin finish, so they look good and taste even better.

They begin planting their potatoes between early April and mid May, and are careful to kill off the weeds in late May, before the plant emerges. In September, they trim the plant above the ground (the stalk and leaves). The potatoes are then left in the ground for a month to allow their skins to harden. This is so they can be stored successfully, without bruising or skin damage.

As a farming community, the Grewars are constantly looking into ways to make their farm more energy–efficient and environmentally friendly, with a particular emphasis on conserving a wide variety of natural habitats and diverse wildlife.

They conscientiously look after their water environment and have created buffer zones on the surrounding streams, as well as several irrigation ponds to help maintain natural watercourses and wildlife–rich habitats. They’re currently exploring renewable energies and are considering plans for a small ‘micro hydro’ scheme.

As a family, the Grewars continue to thrive — young Peter has just completed a forward–thinking Nuffield scholarship into ‘The Future of Global Potato Production’, while Euan plays for Dundee HSFP Rugby Club. Peter senior is a more than keen cyclist; he has been known to cycle the colossal 124 miles between the farms in Perthshire and the Black Isle every now and then. But they all share one thing in common — their love for a hot baked tattie with a bit of butter at the end of the day.

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