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Philip Benzie

Philip Benzie

Philip Benzie has been committed to quality arable farming in Scotland for most of his life. These days he is the proud grower of Scotty Brand’s delicious carrots.

Philip’s carrots thrive in the fertile Aberdeenshire soil, with its wealth of nutrients and consistently cooler temperatures. Philip strives for each carrot to be tastier than the last — and he knows the value of the chilled soil that cultivates the perfect conditions for healthy carrot growth. This guarantees his produce is notably fresher and tastier in flavour, and even helps the carrots to last longer in your kitchen fridge.

Making the most of the soil across the seasons, Philip utilises the nutritious earth of Aberdeenshire in the late season, and then switches to north Morayshire in the early season; this way, his produce always benefits from the best conditions.

In a huge move to reduce his carbon footprint, Philip’s farm is now run on renewable power generated by its very own wind turbine.

The forward–thinking farmer also has a number of ponds, to encourage varied ecosystems to prosper within the farmed land.

Philip understands how the environment is integral to his business. Quite simply, he relies on the wind to power the turbine, the rain to make the ground moist for growing and the sun’s rays for the carrots to flourish. As a result, he is always open to new ways of improving his production methods. He even promotes environmentally friendly farming at local schools, helping to educate kids about the importance of sustainable farming.

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