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Jim Shanks

Jim Shanks

Based near Hawick in the Scottish Borders, Standhill Farm has partnered with Scotty Brand to produce the only commercially grown Scottish tomatoes available in the supermarkets.

Standhill Farm is home to the Shanks family who are 5th generation farmers and 3rd generation farmers at Standhill. Originally dairy farmers, Jim Shanks has built a state-of-the-art glasshouse to house and grow the new tomato crop, which will be in part powered by his herd of dairy cows!

The glasshouse covers 15 ½ thousand square metres and is fully sustainable:

  • Water for the tomatoes comes from rainwater falling on the roof;
  • The CO2 to encourage plant growth is a by-product of the farm’s own biogas plant, (generating gas from cow muck!);
  • Electricity likewise comes from biogas;
  • Heat comes from an ultra-efficient wood-chip burner which is fuelled by wood from the farm and surrounding area;
  • The glasshouse is equipped with thermal screens both to preserve heat and, occasionally, to reduce the heat of the Scottish sun;
  • Pollination is carried out by bees especially brought into the glasshouse.