Our asparagus


Available from May to June

Scotty Brand Asparagus

Back next season!

Scotty Brand is delighted to welcome Asparagus to its growing fresh produce range.

Asparagus has many health and nutritional benefits.  As well as being fat free, very low in calories and sodium, it is also a great source of fibre and vitamins. It contains glutathione which is believed to help to combat certain cancers and antioxidants and folate, which, combined with vitamin B12 is said to help to keep your brain sharp.

Scotty Brand asparagus is cultivated by James Brunton on the family farm in Angus on the east coast, where the rainfall is slightly lower. Grown in a south facing field with well-drained soil, the coastal position was chosen for its warmer soils and for being relatively frost free throughout the year.

The field measures around 70,000 square metres, roughly the size of 10 football pitches, and Scotty Brand Asparagus is available in all Waitrose stores in Scotland, plus selected stores in northern England.

Did you know?

  • Asparagus is a part of the lily family, similar to onions, leeks and garlic, and was first cultivated about 2,500 years ago in Greece.
  • The Greeks believed asparagus was an herbal medicine that would cure toothaches and prevent bee stings, among other things. Not surprising then that “Asparagus” is a Greek word, meaning stalk or shoot.