Our Baby Potatoes

Baby potatoes

Available from September to April

Scotty Brand Baby Potatoes

Back in the autumn!

Our baby potatoes are especially selected small potatoes grown in Scotland by Douglas Brunton in Ross-shire, Philip Benzie in Moray, Ian Fairlie in Dundee and by Colin Sivewright in Aberdeenshire.  Their season runs from September to March / April and we have selected the Maris Peer variety for you.  Please note that late in the season, we may change to Charlotte or Isle of Jura variety potatoes in order to keep quality at its very best.

The Maris Peer is related to the more widely available Maris Piper, but is a distinct variety.  It is egg shaped and has a cream coloured skin and cream flesh, eyes are shallow to medium. Maris Peer is suitable for salads, wedges, chips and boiling.  The taste is fresh and clean, with hints of cream and butter.  The potatoes retain their colour and won’t disintegrate on cooking.

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Did you know?

  •  Try steaming instead of boiling – it keeps in more of the flavour and nutrients.Maris Peer flowers
  • Maris Peer plants have beautiful, slightly scented purple flowers.
  • Maris Peer is a “second early” variety.  That simply means the first examples of this variety are the second earliest potato crop.  “Early” is generally ready from June, “second early” from very late June, “main-crop” from July.  This will vary according to your latitude and the weather.
  • The potato itself is a tuber.  Most potato plants are grown from a tuber, but a mature plant also has fruit containing seeds which grow above ground and are similar in size to a cherry tomato.
  • The tuber is actually a stem which has swollen to store nutrients for the plant.  It grows underground so it is sheltered from the harsh winters of the potato’s native Andes Mountains.
  • Don’t try this at home, but it would be possible to live on a diet of potatoes and water alone (with the occasional supplement of protein and vitamins A and D).

Typical Values per 100g, boiled in unsalted water:

Energy 317 kJ, 75 kcal; Fat 0.1g of which saturates trace; Carbohydrates 16g; of which sugars 0.8g; of which starch 15g; Fibre 1.6g; Protein 1.8g; Salt <0.01g