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Scotty Brand Bacon is slow matured Scottish back bacon, produced by Scotland’s oldest-established curers. The company employs the traditional Ayrshire style, which takes skinless and boneless sides of 100% Specially Selected Pork Approved by the Scottish SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and cures them in its secret recipe brine. The bacon is carefully matured for up to two weeks, allowing the natural flavours to develop and infuse at their own pace.

Unlike less careful producers who inject their bacon with water to add weight, with Scotty Brand bacon, there is no added water, so it is full of natural flavour, it won’t shrink away in the pan and it will crisp up beautifully.

Scotty offers you both un-smoked and smoked bacon.

The gentle flavour of the smoked bacon comes from being traditionally smoked over wood in our producer’s on-site smokehouse.  Some producers simply add smoke flavouring, but we don’t believe that is the right way to go about it.

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Did you know?

  • For Scotty Brand bacon, 100kg of Scottish pork becomes 92 kg of bacon.  The added water used by some producers means the reverse is true – some will turn 100kg of pork into up to 112kg of bacon – which is why some other bacon shrinks so much when cooked.
  • The skin and bones were originally removed before Ayrshire curing so that the pork would fit more easily into barrels of brine used for curing.
  • Smoked bacon is particularly popular in coastal regions, where people have developed a taste for smoked fish.
  • Bacon is one of the oldest processed meats in history. The Chinese began salting pork bellies as early as 1500 B.C.
  • Julius Caesar brought his own bacon with him when he invaded Britain in 55 BC – obviously, Scotty Brand bacon was not available at the time.
  • Roman soldiers were given salt as a portion of their pay, partly so they could preserve meat.  It was known as their “salarium” – hence the word, “salary”.

 Typical values per 100g:

Energy 787kJ / 188kcal; protein 18.9g; carbohydrate 2.1g; of which sugar 0.1g; fat 11.9g; of which saturates 5.0g; fibre 2.5g; sodium 0.6g; salt 1.5g.