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Scotty Brand baking potatoes

Baking potatoes are large potatoes, so they are from the main crop, which means they have had time to bulk up in the ground.

Scotty Brand baking potatoes will often be our signature Kestrel variety, though we may occasionally use others to ensure you are receiving the best in season.

Like all of our potatoes, the bakers are grown by a number of different farmers across Scotland and are then sorted, washed and packed for us by Albert Bartlett in Airdrie.

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Did you know?

  • If you spear your potatoes with a metal skewer, they will cook more quickly.  That is because the metal rapidly conducts heat to the inside of the potato.
  • You can cook fresh baking potatoes in a microwave, but you won’t get that lovely crispy skin.
  • Eating the potato skin is good for you!  It can contain around half of the potato’s fibre and is packed with nutrients which may improve your body’s natural resistance to illness.
  • An average jacket potato (180g) baked in its skin contains 4.7g of fibre – almost double that found in a portion of pasta (220g) and more than 20 times that found in a 180g portion of boiled white rice.
  • You can cook baking potatoes in the embers of a real fire.  Be sure to wrap them in foil to stop them burning and be careful that only the potatoes end up cooked!
  • If you enjoy your baked potatoes with a bit of surreally silly comedy, this clip is for you…


Typical values per 100g with jacket:

Energy 419 kJ, 99 kcal; Fat 0.2g of which saturates 0.1g; Carbohydrates 21g; of which sugars 1.3g; of which starch 19g; Fibre 2.6g; Protein 2.5g; Salt <0.01g