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Scotty Brand cakes set up for Afternoon Tea

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Scottish Fancies & Scottish High Tea Favourites

Introducing our new Scotty Brand cake range – Scottish Fancies and Scottish High Tea Favourites!

The perfect wee treat, our Scottish Fancies and Scottish High Tea Favourites are new to the Scotty Brand range. Handcrafted in Scotland, they are reminiscent of the sweet, sticky cakes from childhood high teas and come with just a touch of nostalgia!

The Scottish Fancies combine the lightest sponge cake with confectionery cream fondant, smooth white icing and a colourful yellow or pink drizzle. There are four fancies per pack.

The Scottish High Tea Favourites has something for everyone, including two of our fondant filled Scottish Fancies, two jammy Raspberry & Coconut Squares and two zesty Lemon Iced Sponges.

Scotty Brand is proud to partner with Kerrs Bakery, who hand make our cakes in Motherwell.

Did you know?

  • Afternoon tea is thought have begun in 1840 when the seventh Duchess of Bedford, Anna Maria Stanhope, complained of a sinking feeling in the middle of the afternoon, as lunch was served at twelve noon and dinner was not served until 8:00 or 9:00. She therefore would request tea and a few slices of bread and butter to be served in her private drawing room. Soon developing into a trend for cakes and other bakery, afternoon tea was born!

Scottish Fancies typical values per 100g

Energy 1697kj / 403kcal; fat 13g; of which saturates 5g; carbohydrate 69g; of which sugars 57g; protein 3g; salt 0.53g.

Raspberry & Coconut Squares typical values per 100g

Energy 1628kg / 309kcal; fat 18g; of which saturates 8.9g; carbohydrate 47g; of which sugars 37g; protein 0g; salt 0.46g.

Lemon Cakes typical values per 100g 

Energy 1616kg / 384 kcal; fat 14g; of which saturates 1.7g; carbohydrate 63g; of which sugars 48g; protein 0g; salt 0.52g.