Our Highland Baby Potatoes


Available from September to May

Scotty Brand Highland Baby Potatoes

Easter Ross in the far north of Scotland, where Scotty Brand Highland Baby Potatoes are grown, enjoys cool springs and warm summers, with up to 23 hours of sunlight per day in the middle of the season.  All of the potatoes are grown within one mile of the sea in light soil and are carefully stored within one hour of being harvested.  The growing conditions make for a fresh-flavoured, sweet and very tasty potato.

They are grown by the Bruntons, who have been growing potatoes and supplying them to our partner Albert Bartlett for over 25 years.

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Did you know?

  • Try steaming instead of boiling – it keeps in more of the flavour and nutrients.
  • The potato itself is a tuber.  Most potato plants are grown from a tuber, but a mature plant also has fruit containing seeds which grow above ground and are similar in size to a cherry tomato.
  • The tuber is actually a stem which has swollen to store nutrients for the plant.  It grows underground so it is sheltered from the harsh winters of the potato’s native Andes Mountains.
  • Don’t try this at home, but it would be possible to live on a diet of potatoes and water alone (with the occasional supplement of protein and vitamins A and D).

Typical Values per 100g, boiled in unsalted water:

Energy 317 kJ, 75 kcal; Fat 0.1g of which saturates trace; Carbohydrates 16g; of which sugars 0.8g; of which starch 15g; Fibre 1.6g; Protein 1.8g; Salt <0.01g