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Scotty Brand Smoked Salmon

Scotty Brand salmon is farmed, smoked and packed in Scotland.

The fish is long sliced, which means luxurious delicate strips are cut along the whole length of the fillet. Our salmon is provided by Lion Speciality Foods, which has been a family owned company for over 25 years.

The salmon comes from farms established off the islands and coasts of Scotland, where the water temperature and tidal flow are ideal for the culture of healthy and tasty fish. The farms are mainly off the west coast, the Hebrides and Shetland.  The salmon is cured with salt and Demerara sugar and then smoked over oak chips, before being long-sliced and vacuum-packed to seal in all the flavour and freshness.

Smoked salmon is delicious in salads, on sandwiches, or in hot dishes such as on pizzas or used with crème fraiche in a pasta sauce.  Try it with scrambled eggs for a decadent breakfast.

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Did you know?

  • Salmon is an oily fish, high in protein and rich in Omega 3, which may promote healthy joints and may help to prevent heart disease.
  • The quality of Scottish smoked salmon is renowned throughout the world.  Salmon is also Scotland’s largest food export.
  • “Cold” smoking generally takes place at temperatures around 37 Celsius.  The smoke imparts flavours and preserves the fish, but it is not cooked, which gives it that smooth, delicate texture.
  • Immigrants from Russia and Poland brought the technique of salmon smoking to London’s East End, in the late 19th century. They smoked salmon as a way to preserve it, as refrigeration was very basic and they initially imported the salmon.  However, once they discovered the Scottish salmon coming down to the fish market at Billingsgate each summer, they started smoking these fish instead.
  • Good quality smoked salmon tastes of salmon.  The smoky flavour should be very much secondary to the delicate flavour of the fish and the smoking process is much more subtle than that used on, for example, kippers.
  • Be careful!  Some “Scottish smoked salmon” is smoked in Scotland, but the salmon is from another country altogether.  That is not the case with Scotty Brand Scottish smoked salmon.

Typical Values per 100g, raw:

Energy 910 kJ, 218 kcal; Fat 14.0g, of which saturates 2.2g; carbohydrate 0.6g, of which sugars 0.6g; Fibre <0.5g; Protein 23.0g; Salt 2.4g