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Available from September to May

Scotty Brand soup mixes

Our soup mixes contain fresh vegetables in exactly the right proportions and each has a separate sachet of a special ingredient to give your soup that added touch of authentic tastiness.  They are all produced and packed in Scotland for Scotty Brand by our friends at Kettle Produce, based in Fife.  Simply prepare some stock (meat or vegetable as you wish) add in the pack contents and leave to simmer.  Delicious and healthy soup – all of the hard work done for you and all of the goodness retained.

Our Scotch Broth Soup Mix

For a traditional hearty soup, our Scotch Broth Mix gives you all the vegetables and a separate sachet of barley. The classic version uses lamb or mutton stock, but a beef or vegetable stock would work just as well. It’s a very filling soup, often served as a main course rather than as a starter.

Our Vegetable & Lentil Soup Mix

A satisfying soup and a real Scottish favourite.  The lentils are in a separate sachet so they stay dry until needed.  The lentils are not grown in Scotland, but they have been very popular here for generations – possibly as an import from India in the days of the Raj.

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Did you know?

  • Scotch Broth is delicious at any time, but it’s traditionally served on New Year’s Day – maybe because of its restorative properties after a late night at Hogmanay!
  • Scotch Broth is sometimes called ‘Barley Broth soup’.
  • The French word “lentille” means “lentil” and also “lens”.  Why?  Because a lentil is the same shape as a lens.
  • Canada is now the world’s largest exporter of lentils.

Scotch Broth mix typical values per 100g raw:

Energy 272kJ / 65kcal; fat 0.5g; of which saturates <0.1g; carbohydrate 11.4g; of which sugar 4.2g; fibre 3.6g; protein 1.7g; salt 0.05g.

Vegetable & lentil soup mix typical values per 100g raw:

Energy 222kJ / 53kcal; fat 0.4g; of which saturates 0.1g; carbohydrate 8.8g; of which sugar 5.2g; fibre 2.6g; protein 2.3g; salt 0.04g